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New Clients at Wihlidal Family Chiropractic

When you’re in pain, you don’t want to wait for weeks to see a doctor. At Wihlidal Family Chiropractic, we make every effort to get you seen on that day, or at the latest, within just a few days.

New clients should expect to receive a warm welcome. When you walk into our office, we greet you right away. A staff member will guide you through the whole process so that you are quickly and efficiently prepared to see the doctor.

We have worked hard to provide a comfortable and inviting environment and procedures. Our schedule respects your time; no one is left waiting for long. If you are able, our initial paperwork can be downloaded and completed before arriving. This will allow you to save time at your first appointment.

Wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily, at your first appointment, is suggested. Although it can vary, we generally ask that new clients to allow for 45 minutes for the first appointment.


The Initial Consultation

When you arrive, our staff will make sure that the few additional forms are ready for you to sign. Once that’s done, you’ll be escorted to a private room to meet with the doctor. You’ll have an in-depth consultation, detailed history, receive a thorough exam, and digital postural assessment, all in this space. If X-rays are required, the process for getting them done will be clearly explained.

When You Return

On the second visit, we go over all the results with our clients. The doctor will clearly show you what is occurring, and lay out a plan for what can be done. Our thoroughness allows our clients to feel confident that we are well aware of their problem, and how to deal with it.

Unlike some clinics that only take care of the current symptoms, we create a plan of care to address your needs now, and to help you stay healthy long-term. We also educate and explain to you how the nervous system works, how it controls your body, and the benefits of care, not just for you, but also for your whole family!


Our office is accepted by all extended health benefit plans. To keep our costs low, we don’t direct bill, however, we will provide you with per visit, weekly, or monthly statements that you can quickly and easily submit to your plan.

Get Started Today

You don’t have to suffer in silence. Our team will help relieve your pain and help you achieve your health goals. Book your appointment today and start your journey to better health and wellness.


New Clients at Wihlidal Family Chiropractic | (705) 325-6425