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About Wihlidal Family Chiropractic

From the beginning of his practice in 2003, Orillia Chiropractor Dr. Whitney Wihlidal has always had a family approach to care. He goes beyond the presentation of symptoms to find the underlying cause of a client’s problem. He partners with them to discover what’s going on with their health, and to find the best method to get them healthy.

Over the years, our practice has grown, moving to the current location early in 2020. From dealing with individuals, we have become a multi-generational practice, with numerous families coming to us for health care. Our roots are deep in this community, and we’re proud to have inspired this level of trust in our clients and friends.


Our Mission

Our mission is to humbly serve the men, women and children in our community, so that every life we touch can realize its full God-given potential, by providing the highest quality chiropractic care with gentleness, thoroughness, and compassion.

At Wihlidal Family Chiropractic, we want to figure out why you’re sick, help you get well, and help you stay well for the long-term. Our goal is to help people realize they have the opportunity to become proactive with their health, and keep their family healthier and more functional, preventing problems instead of waiting for them to occur.

Networking for Results

As our practice has grown, we have established valuable relationships with several professionals in our area, including physiotherapists, family doctors, massage therapists, naturopaths, and foot clinics.

By working in connection with these other professionals, we can help our clients to receive the best possible support and care. We can also quickly and efficiently communicate with other health care providers for the benefit of our clients.

We are also proud to be the first choice for chiropractic referrals for many other health professionals throughout our community.

Kids Are Special

Dr. Whitney has gotten some great results working with children. Since they tend to respond so much better than adults to chiropractic, and their problems generally haven’t been there for as long, the benefits are usually seen much quicker. Along with spinal and postural improvements, parents often report better digestive function, fewer sinus, ear and throat infections, improved breathing, and much more.

Serving Our Community

Our team has been providing quality health care to the Orillia community since 2000. Call us today to book an appointment, and let’s see what we can do for you.

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