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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is natural and holistic health care aimed at helping your nervous system operate as it should. Since your nervous system controls everything in the body, ensuring good health and proper function of your spine is of vital importance.

The Power Is in Your Body

When Dr. Whitney explains chiropractic to a new client, he compares it to the power that runs your house. If you come home and the kitchen lights are out, and the microwave is not working, you go downstairs and turn the power on.

That’s what we assess for in the spine. How the spine is functioning, determines how the body works. If the spine is working properly, and the nervous system is clear, your body works better.

Your body is designed to heal itself. When that system is interfered with, problems such as pain and loss of function arise. Chiropractors are trained to locate any issues and correct them.

Helping You Heal

Going back to our kitchen analogy, having the lights off and the microwave off are two different things, but they’re on the same breaker. Similarly, when there’s a problem in the nervous system, it may affect areas that don’t seem connected.

Dr. Whitney tells of a man who came in with digestive issues for years. As they talked, the client mentioned he always has issues with his shoulder blade at the same time. Dr. Whitney was able to show him on a chart how the two were connected by the same power source.

Clients often come in for one problem, only to find out that other issues originate from the same source. In addition to pain relief, they may see improvements in sleep, more energy, increased movement, less stress, better breathing and more.

Our Approach

The methods used to provide results vary depending on two main factors—(a) the cause, what problem is the person dealing with, and, (b) their personal preferences for care.

At Wihlidal Family Chiropractic, we primarily use low-force adjustments, so we do a lot of adjustments using Thompson Drop Table Technique, as well as instrument adjusting with the Impulse® and Activator® tools, and CBP® postural analysis. While Dr. Whitney may also use other manual methods, like the Diversified Technique, his preference is always to use the most effective, yet comfortable technique, to help you achieve your desired results.

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